What is mobOx?

mobOx is a mobile blood analyzer for emergency medical services.

As a compact and lightweight handheld, mobOx enables the fast and reliable determination of important blood parameters directly at the scene. It provides the emergency medical services with the necessary information to make life-saving decisions for the patient at an early stage.

Why mobOx?

With mobOx, the emergency medical services has the necessary insights to make life-saving decisions for the patients at an early stage. This improves several processes:

  • Medications can be administered and ventilation parameters adjusted already on site or during the transport.
  • Emergency room staff can better prepare for the patient based on the information transmitted.
  • If necessary, the patient can be taken directly to a specialist clinic without the detour via the nearest hospital.

Earlier diagnosis can also avoid unnecessary or even incorrect therapy procedures. In addition to a better therapy outcome, the healthcare system is relieved and costs are saved.

How does mobOx work?

mobOx is a lightweight and compact handheld device used in combination with test chips. One drop of blood (around 20 µL) is required for the analysis. More than 100 analyses can be performed with one battery charge.

The basis and unique selling point of mobOx is the combination of innovative optical measurement technology with innovative AI-based algorithms. These enable mobile use under highly fluctuating environmental conditions and the immediate availability of important blood parameters directly on site.

mobOx ist currently under development.

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